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Sepsis awareness is the key to change
World Sepsis Day 2015 was not a one-day event but a bundle of efforts to increase sepsis awareness throughout the entire year. Here is a summary:

The “Global Sepsis Award”, a prize to honor outstanding governmental, organizational and personal efforts, was initiated and awarded. Another highlight was the first “World Wide Sepsis Webinar”. More than 20 sepsis experts from all over the world presented online-talks about specific sepsis topics. Hundreds of viewers joined the webinar and took the chance to learn from leading experts. The World Sepsis Day movement was represented at several conferences.
Detailed information can be downloaded:
• ESICM Presentation 2015 by Prof. Konrad Reinhart. This presentation highlights global overall impact and strategic outline of World Sepsis Day and the Global Sepsis Alliance
• One Pager Summary 2015: Here you can find facts & figures of World Sepsis Day 2015
• ESICM 2015 World Wide Sepsis Webinar Information

Download ... 11MB_ESICM 2015 GSA_WSD_Strategic_KR.pdf
Download ... 10MB_ESICM 2015_WWSW_RH.pdf
Download ... 100K_WSD15_OnePager_Summary_3.pdf
Over the past year we've been collecting the questions we receive most frequently about sepsis. Please share this information with your friends and family. Don’t see your question on the list? Get in touch with us, and we’ll do our best to help.
World Sepsis Day 2014: Summary
After 2012 and 2013, which focused on establishing the movement, 2014 centered on realizing the goals as they are laid out in the World Sepsis Declaration.
International Supporter Meeting GSA and WSD 2015
Supporters, steering committee, and sponsors of World Sepsis Day met in Brussels on 18 March 2015 during the ISICEM 2015.
Join #safeHANDS to promote “Clean care is safer care”
Preventing sepsis is the best possible way to reduce sepsis cases. We are proud partners of the ”Clean Care is safer care” campaign by the WHO which this year goes viral on the 5th of May!
International Meeting Report | ISICEM Brussles 2014
Supporters, steering committee, and sponsors of World Sepsis Day met in Brussels on 19 March 2014. <br><br>Representatives from over 15 countries on five continents and from the World Sepsis Day head office were in attendance, including Prof. Konrad Reinhart, Dr. Ron Daniels, Prof. Tex Kissoon, Prof. Flavia Machado and Regina Hanke. <b/>The meeting was a platform to discuss lessons learned from 2013, goals for 2014, and possible campaign activities. </b>In addition regional reports about World Sepsis Day activities were given.
Photo Campaigns for World Sepsis Day
Luis Antonio Gorordo Delsol from the Juarez Hospital of Mexico is coordinating a photo campaign for World Sepsis Day in September 2016.