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Pink Picnic
We invite everyone to hold a Pink Picnic or BBQ in celebration of every single supporter and sepsis survivor.
Pink Picnic is the World Sepsis Day fundraising event. Pink Picnics are social events where pink is used to signify relation to World Sepsis Day. This can include pink salads or cupcakes, BBQ treats, beverages, plates, other table decor...and whatever you can think of!

You can hold an event on World Sepsis Day: 13 September or whatever day you prefer. Set up a pink picnic – it doesn’t matter if you are an organisation, a company or a family. Adapt the idea to your needs and invite your business partners to a Pink Dinner, employees to a Pink Picnic TGIF, colleagues, friends, family or whoever you think should be informed about sepsis.

Pink Picnic Competition
Pink dishes, cakes, drinks: take a photo of your favourite Pink Picnic food or drink and add a selfie along with your creation! Post it on Facebook or tweet it and e-mail us your post with your recipe. The 10 best, chosen by the GSA-Executive Board & WSD HQ, will get their pick of a Pink Picnic shirt to inform colleagues, friends or relatives about sepsis! With the recipes and images, we will create a Pink Picnic recipes & ideas digital booklet and publish it on the World Sepsis Day website and social media.

Email: Pink Picnic Recipe

Raise funds:
Invite your colleagues, friends or relatives to a great day out. Do a Pink Picnic wherever and when you like – we plan ours in front of the Parliament. Ask everyone to bring a pink drink or food item and put up a donation basket. Donate the money and your efforts will fund the fight against sepsis.

Sepsis: Prevent it. Spot it. Treat it – beat it!

Download ... PinkPicnic_Information_PI.pdf
Download ... PinkPicnic_Starterkit_10MB.zip
Download ... PinkPicnic_Pocketcards_27MB.zip
Over the past year we've been collecting the questions we receive most frequently about sepsis. Please share this information with your friends and family. Don’t see your question on the list? Get in touch with us, and we’ll do our best to help.
Sepsis Facts
Sepsis is common and often deadly. It remains the primary cause of death from infection, despite advances in modern medicine like vaccines, antibiotics, and intensive care.
What is sepsis
Pat had a pneumococcus sepsis because he lost his spleen after a car accident as a teenager. He experienced multiple organ failure, followed by critical illness polyneuropathy.
How to prevent sepsis
Sepsis is always caused by an infection, most often by bacteria, but sometimes by fungi or protozoa (such as malaria). That means that preventing infection is one of the best ways to prevent sepsis.
Suspect sepsis
If you, a relative, or a patient feels "severely sick", "that something is wrong", or "are not yourself", and shows any of the following symptoms, you should suspect sepsis: